What to Wear!

     Trying to figure out what to wear is difficult. One day you feel like wearing a dress another pants and another a skirt. It all comes down to how we feel that morning, at least for me. So how do we plan an outfit for a special event? Every event is different for… Continue reading What to Wear!

Shotty Camera Work for my first Vlog for Day 6

Day7: Daily December Challenge (Blogmas) I teamed up with my bestie over at H.Z. Comestibles and decided to give vlogging a try. Next time, I will bring my camera instead of filming from my phone. I apologize for the awful camera work, however, it was a fun filled day and something we wanted to try.… Continue reading Shotty Camera Work for my first Vlog for Day 6

Black Friday Deals: Plus Size Edition

Here is a post of the top stores with great deals for every woman. These are Black Friday deals with a few online deals The Cyber Monday deals are coming soon because that is my time to shine, shopping online. 1. Wet Seal + is offering a buy one get one free on everything in… Continue reading Black Friday Deals: Plus Size Edition