Welcome to the World of Pokemon

Hey! Welcome back to Styled2z. In this weeks podcast I introduce Anna to Pokemon: Indigo League the animated series. I get to share with her the world that led to the popular mobile game. Personally, I enjoyed being able to share a bit of my childhood with everyone. Naturally, like every other kid, I loved Pokemon.… Continue reading Welcome to the World of Pokemon

Arya’s Identity: Podcast #6 G.M.R.

Hello! Here is our sixth episode of Geek Minds Reassembled. This week we discuss identity by analyzing Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as we had recording it. You can listen to us on iTunes or on SoundCloud. We upload new episodes every Monday at 5… Continue reading Arya’s Identity: Podcast #6 G.M.R.

Geek Minds Reassembled: The Mother of Dragons (Episode 3)

Hello!  I hope you are well. This week our podcast is all about the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen! Anna and I are both excited to talk about Khaleesi's development throughout the television show. WARNING: If you have not watched the current seasons stay away from our podcast until you do. I hope you enjoy… Continue reading Geek Minds Reassembled: The Mother of Dragons (Episode 3)

Valentia Yay or Nay!

I love makeup! That is not a secret. However,as much I am a makeup enthusiast I love taking care of my skin. So any time that I get to try a product I am picky about what I try to review. I have looked for a mask to hydrate my face after a day of… Continue reading Valentia Yay or Nay!

Press to imPress: Nail Review

I love the company Kiss. They have always sent me really great products to test. My first product with them was my Kiss Instawave wand. A styling tool I still use. When they reached out wanting me to try the Kiss imPress Manicure Nails I jumped at the chance because it was a product I… Continue reading Press to imPress: Nail Review

Commercial Ready Hair the Natural Way? Fact or Fiction

*Sponsored by Monat*  I love trying products and being able to tell you, my wonderful fellow bloggers, about them. Nevertheless, I only tell you about the ones I fall in love with and feel will benefit you. If you have been following me for a while you know I love using hair products that are… Continue reading Commercial Ready Hair the Natural Way? Fact or Fiction

May Favorites and My New Obsession with Wet N’ Wild

I had too many favorites, sadly, I narrowed them down. I have to say that Wet N' Wild, a brand I used when I was in high school, is now on my radar. I have been loving their palettes, lip crayons, and foundation. No matter what they are still affordable. Watch the video to see… Continue reading May Favorites and My New Obsession with Wet N’ Wild

Go All Natural

I love make up and trying different products in terms of cosmetics. However, when it comes to skincare I am gravitating towards more natural made products without harsh chemicals. goPure has done this with the Glowing Younger Skin! Youth Glow Eye Gel: Naturals for Eye Puffiness, Dark Circles & Wrinkles. I used the product for… Continue reading Go All Natural

March Surprises: Beauty, friends, and movies😄

The end of March will bring many videos for all of you. I love capturing memories with my friends as well as making DIY and How To videos. Sharing these videos with a community of bloggers who are equally passionate is lovely. Thank you for reading and watching. The end of March will bring some… Continue reading March Surprises: Beauty, friends, and movies😄