July Favorites

Not much happened in July it was not overly exciting or full of adventure. Nevertheless, I still had things that I turned to for comfort. Here is a list of my favorite things. Enjoy! Television Grace & Frankie Jessica Jones   Movies Me Before You Youtubers Samantha Maria Vlog Channel Alex Wassabi Vlog Channel Apps. … Continue reading July Favorites

June 2016 Favorites

I miss doing monthly favorites, so I decided to go back to it. Now that my professional life has slowed down for a bit, I am able to dedicate more time to what I love blogging. Here is a list of things I have loved this month.  1. Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil 2. L'Oreal… Continue reading June 2016 Favorites

March Favorites 2016

I had so much fun editing this video. I laughed at myself the entire time. I cannot take myself seriously when I say the things that I do. Also, my facial expressions should have their own show. Links will be on my blog. Enjoy! Subscribe!   *I want to say this is not a sponsored… Continue reading March Favorites 2016

December is Almost Here

I will not flood your timeline with Christmas music. To be fair, I have only listened to one or two songs at most this holiday season. As I sat and relaxed today my mind began to race, as usual. It is habit at this point. One of the wonderful perks of living with anxiety is… Continue reading December is Almost Here

CeeLo Green’s New Single Pays Tribute to Robin William

This moving song captures how difficult it is to smile when going through difficult times. It mentions great acting legends who have battled with Depression or Addiction. Furthermore, it was released officially a today on what would have been Robbin William's 64th birthday. In honor of his smile, and so many others listen to the… Continue reading CeeLo Green’s New Single Pays Tribute to Robin William

I’m Still Working on my Masterpiece: Interview with Tiffany Janell

“I popped out singing. Seriously. When I was younger, I would say I wanted to be either a singer, teacher or a psychologist. I always knew that’s what I wanted to do. I was fortunate enough that my parents supported it.” Tiffany Janell, has made her presence known in the City of Brotherly Love. Growing… Continue reading I’m Still Working on my Masterpiece: Interview with Tiffany Janell

Friendship February Day 24: Finding the Perfect Song

Hello Amigos, Today as I sat on my couch after a tiring day, I stumbled upon a song that summed up my emotions. I must state that I like different genres of music, so being able to browse through Spotify is invigorating for me. As I browsed, my eyes drifted to a beautiful cover of… Continue reading Friendship February Day 24: Finding the Perfect Song