Fall Favorites 2016

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to share my favorites for the past two months. I have been experimenting with my style and makeup looks more than ever. The favorites below are the products that stood the test of time. Lastly, now that it is fall in the northeast binge watching television shows is a… Continue reading Fall Favorites 2016

GMR Does the Time Warp

Listen in as Anna and I talk about the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Warning, we had some technical issues at the beginning, however, we got through it. Tune in and remember we upload every Monday night!    Anna Laura Blog: adventuresofannalaura.wordpress.com Facebook: @adventuresofannalaura Instagram:@annalaura1011 Twitter: @annalaura1011 Damaris Blog: http://www.styled2z.com Twitter:@styled2z Facebook:@styled2z Instagram:… Continue reading GMR Does the Time Warp

Adventures at Comic Con: Geek Minds Reassembled

On Saturday, August 6th Anna and I went to Dover Comic Con. It was a great opportunity to meet some cool cosplayers. Every time we go to a Comic Con our love of "geek culture" grows. The photos from Dover Comic Con 2016 are below. Also, our latest episode of Geek Minds Reassembled is below.… Continue reading Adventures at Comic Con: Geek Minds Reassembled

Blogmas Day 14: Love Actually Endings Revealed

If you are a fan of the movie that made everyone fall in love with Andrew Lincoln, before he began killing Zombies, then this post is for you. Love Actually starred a bunch of A- list British actors and gave some, now famous ones, their first roles as well. The little girl, Joanna who sings… Continue reading Blogmas Day 14: Love Actually Endings Revealed

Blogmas Day 13: Movies to Kick the Holiday Blues

This is the season to be merry, however, this is not the case for everyone. Nevertheless, if you celebrate Christmas and are finding it hard to enjoy the small moments this season watching these movies may help to brighten your days. There is no rule that states you have to love Christmas. However, you should… Continue reading Blogmas Day 13: Movies to Kick the Holiday Blues