Arya’s Identity: Podcast #6 G.M.R.

Hello! Here is our sixth episode of Geek Minds Reassembled. This week we discuss identity by analyzing Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as we had recording it. You can listen to us on iTunes or on SoundCloud. We upload new episodes every Monday at 5… Continue reading Arya’s Identity: Podcast #6 G.M.R.

Sansa’s Journey: Podcast #5 GMR

No one wants Game of Thrones spoilers! Be advised if you are not caught up then listening to this podcast is not for you. Welcome back to this weeks episode of Geek Minds Reassembled. Anna and I talk about the character development of Sansa Stark. We are solely basing this on her character development on… Continue reading Sansa’s Journey: Podcast #5 GMR

Trauma with Jean Grey

Hello! I hope this hump day is treating you well. The second episode of our podcast is out now! Anna from Adventures of Therapy Girl and I have recorded our second podcast for Geek Minds Reassembled. This week we focused on trauma and X-Men mutant Jean Grey, Trauma with Jean Grey. We hope you enjoy it. If… Continue reading Trauma with Jean Grey

Geek Minds Reassembled: What is it?

My friend Anna over at Adventures of Therapy Girl and I teamed up to do what we do best discuss comics and animated characters as well as mental health. We joined our strengths to produce this podcast. In this first episode, Confidence with Tina Belcher, we talk about the wonderful Tina Belcher and her self-esteem. Let's face… Continue reading Geek Minds Reassembled: What is it?

Courting Me in 2016: Week 13 |Until Next Time

After weeks of self-reflection and documenting the process, I have concluded that I need to stop taking myself so seriously. More importantly, I have learned that if we are not learning about ourselves every day we are not evolving as humans. I am refusing to stay the same. I want to become a better person today than… Continue reading Courting Me in 2016: Week 13 |Until Next Time

January Favorites 2016

January has ended so quickly I cannot believe it. Time comeback! Anyway, the show must go on. This list of favorites will include a variety of things not just beauty. Apps: Pacifica This application helps to keep track of your mental welfare. If you  suffer from anxiety or panic attacks this will help with meditation techniques. Television… Continue reading January Favorites 2016

Blogmas Days 22-24: Mental Health & the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. From running around getting last minute presents to trying to get the house prepared for the family it is a time consuming task for everyone. It is normal to feel down or  stressed out as a result of it. Nevertheless, living with a mental illness can really multipy… Continue reading Blogmas Days 22-24: Mental Health & the Holidays

Blogmas Day 13: Movies to Kick the Holiday Blues

This is the season to be merry, however, this is not the case for everyone. Nevertheless, if you celebrate Christmas and are finding it hard to enjoy the small moments this season watching these movies may help to brighten your days. There is no rule that states you have to love Christmas. However, you should… Continue reading Blogmas Day 13: Movies to Kick the Holiday Blues

Blogmas Day 9: My Lionhearted Gizmo

It is no secret how much I love my little furry friend, Gizmo. Without knowing it, Gizmo has taught me patience, love, and how to be selfless. His well being comes before anything else. He is my family. More importantly, Gizmo is my little Lionheart a term I use to describe him due to his… Continue reading Blogmas Day 9: My Lionhearted Gizmo