Sansa’s Journey: Podcast #5 GMR

No one wants Game of Thrones spoilers! Be advised if you are not caught up then listening to this podcast is not for you. Welcome back to this weeks episode of Geek Minds Reassembled. Anna and I talk about the character development of Sansa Stark. We are solely basing this on her character development on… Continue reading Sansa’s Journey: Podcast #5 GMR

Elsa and Mental Health: A Must Read

My friend over at The Adventures of Therapy Girl wrote her first blog post. She explores the relationship of Disney's Frozen and the stigma of Mental Health. It's great! Go check it out: Becoming Elsa: a story for boys and girls

Do not Drown in Social Media: Tips for Survival

It is easy to go online and see how others are living their lives. We share our lives through  filtered lenses. It can become a bit much. It is easy to feel like you are failing at life when comparing it others. It can feel like you are drowning instead of swimming gracefully through life. Whether… Continue reading Do not Drown in Social Media: Tips for Survival

Courting Me in 2016: Week 13 |Until Next Time

After weeks of self-reflection and documenting the process, I have concluded that I need to stop taking myself so seriously. More importantly, I have learned that if we are not learning about ourselves every day we are not evolving as humans. I am refusing to stay the same. I want to become a better person today than… Continue reading Courting Me in 2016: Week 13 |Until Next Time

I Challenge You To Pay it Forward

This article really struck a chord with me. Life would be a little easier if we helped each other out every once in a while. Here's the link for the article: Pay it Forward Oh, and Happy first day of Blogmas 2015!    XOXO, Damaris

2 Channels

I have two YouTube channels, not because I am "popular" but because I have different content. I have B & D's Lifestyle Channel with one of my best friends where we talk about life, living with mental health, food, monthly favorites and challenges. We share our life as friends with others and try to help… Continue reading 2 Channels

Becoming Characters from Inside Out

Ever had one of those days when you are trying to make the best of a situation and then one person says something and you lose it? The tears of frustration start falling due to your inability to really communicate how you feel without sounding like a whiny baby. Or better yet, trying to not… Continue reading Becoming Characters from Inside Out

Single and Bilingual?

Today I was described in the following way: "she is single, bilingual, and ready to mingle." You have to love the creativity of preteens. I laughed so much.This one quote made my day. Smile for all of the small moments in life that make up the big picture.