What to Wear!

     Trying to figure out what to wear is difficult. One day you feel like wearing a dress another pants and another a skirt. It all comes down to how we feel that morning, at least for me. So how do we plan an outfit for a special event? Every event is different for… Continue reading What to Wear!

Blogmas Days 22-24: Mental Health & the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. From running around getting last minute presents to trying to get the house prepared for the family it is a time consuming task for everyone. It is normal to feel down or  stressed out as a result of it. Nevertheless, living with a mental illness can really multipy… Continue reading Blogmas Days 22-24: Mental Health & the Holidays

Blogmas Day 14: Love Actually Endings Revealed

If you are a fan of the movie that made everyone fall in love with Andrew Lincoln, before he began killing Zombies, then this post is for you. Love Actually starred a bunch of A- list British actors and gave some, now famous ones, their first roles as well. The little girl, Joanna who sings… Continue reading Blogmas Day 14: Love Actually Endings Revealed

November: Day 25 A Lookbook

Here is a simple lookbook using key pieces to make an outfit standout this holiday season. 1. A Midi skirt is a great holiday staple! 2. Shoes are a staple for any outfit. 3. A handbag that really adds your personality to the entire ensemble is a must. As for hair and makeup, coordinate it… Continue reading November: Day 25 A Lookbook

Budget Friendly Gifts

Here are some gift ideas for this holiday season.  This gift is both comfortable and stylish, a robe.   Have a friend that just moved out into their own place? This present is one that keeps on giving. A heated blanket is a wonderful present.   3. For the Makeup enthusiast in our life this… Continue reading Budget Friendly Gifts

Down with the Holiday Blues

 If you are like me you have a loud and boisterous family, which means that drama tends to follow when they are all in the same room. Alcohol, strong opinions, and old school latinos are a telenovela waiting to happen. So here are some tips to help combat those feelings of dread of what may… Continue reading Down with the Holiday Blues