Morphin with The Brown Ranger

This week Anna and I sat down with The Brown Ranger to talk about cosplay and a bunch of other topics. He is the reason I got into cosplay. His enthusiasm and overall compassion towards others made me really want to become part of this cosplay world. So check out our podcast and learn more… Continue reading Morphin with The Brown Ranger

Anna loves a thirty-year-old man in a bat suit…

In this episode, Anna tries to convince me that I should become a fan of Batman. Yes, I will admit I am not a fan of the caped crusader. So now Anna is making it her mission to get me to love Batman. Tune in to hear what happens.   Blog: Anna Laura Blog:… Continue reading Anna loves a thirty-year-old man in a bat suit…

Welcome to the World of Pokemon

Hey! Welcome back to Styled2z. In this weeks podcast I introduce Anna to Pokemon: Indigo League the animated series. I get to share with her the world that led to the popular mobile game. Personally, I enjoyed being able to share a bit of my childhood with everyone. Naturally, like every other kid, I loved Pokemon.… Continue reading Welcome to the World of Pokemon

Arya’s Identity: Podcast #6 G.M.R.

Hello! Here is our sixth episode of Geek Minds Reassembled. This week we discuss identity by analyzing Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as we had recording it. You can listen to us on iTunes or on SoundCloud. We upload new episodes every Monday at 5… Continue reading Arya’s Identity: Podcast #6 G.M.R.

Chasing the Sun in April 2016

A great way to leave the house when you are battling anxiety is to go out with a friend and take pictures. It was a great distraction for me and allowed me to soak up the sun with someone I trusted during a vulnerable time. Try it! Go somewhere you feel comfortable and focus on the… Continue reading Chasing the Sun in April 2016

Blogmas Day 10 & 11

The last two days were extremely hectic. Life and responsibilities took over, so the blog was pushed to the side. However, now I am ready to continue blogging.  Yesterday, I celebrated the end of the week with a friend and a wonderful dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy. My friend was a joyful reminder of all… Continue reading Blogmas Day 10 & 11

Comic Con Monday Post

  Yesterday, I gathered at the Philadelphia Convention Center with my fellow nerds (compliment) to enjoy the wonders of the fandom/creative world. Comic Con brings everyone together from television, movies, comic book, YouTube etc. under one roof for fans to meet and admire. Brittany and I look forward to the lineup every year and this… Continue reading Comic Con Monday Post

Friendship February Day 12 & 13: Single Girls and Valentine’s Day

You know because it is such a big deal! Celebrate your loved ones no matter what day of the year. If you want to do something extra special on the 14th, that's awesome. No judgment here! Love is love,and being able to express it to the people in your life is what makes the small… Continue reading Friendship February Day 12 & 13: Single Girls and Valentine’s Day