Adventures at Comic Con: Geek Minds Reassembled

On Saturday, August 6th Anna and I went to Dover Comic Con. It was a great opportunity to meet some cool cosplayers. Every time we go to a Comic Con our love of "geek culture" grows. The photos from Dover Comic Con 2016 are below. Also, our latest episode of Geek Minds Reassembled is below.… Continue reading Adventures at Comic Con: Geek Minds Reassembled

Comic Con Monday Post

  Yesterday, I gathered at the Philadelphia Convention Center with my fellow nerds (compliment) to enjoy the wonders of the fandom/creative world. Comic Con brings everyone together from television, movies, comic book, YouTube etc. under one roof for fans to meet and admire. Brittany and I look forward to the lineup every year and this… Continue reading Comic Con Monday Post

March Movie Madness: Loving the Canadians

 Brittany and I, on our day out, wen to see The DUFF. This video is more randomness than anything. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy it. We give you our honest feedback of the movie and the actors. XOXO, Damaris