What to Wear!

     Trying to figure out what to wear is difficult. One day you feel like wearing a dress another pants and another a skirt. It all comes down to how we feel that morning, at least for me. So how do we plan an outfit for a special event? Every event is different for… Continue reading What to Wear!

GMR Does the Time Warp

Listen in as Anna and I talk about the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Warning, we had some technical issues at the beginning, however, we got through it. Tune in and remember we upload every Monday night!    Anna Laura Blog: adventuresofannalaura.wordpress.com Facebook: @adventuresofannalaura Instagram:@annalaura1011 Twitter: @annalaura1011 Damaris Blog: http://www.styled2z.com Twitter:@styled2z Facebook:@styled2z Instagram:… Continue reading GMR Does the Time Warp

Why You Should Pick Up The Phone And Call Her Already

Josh FeliseWhen you want to impress a girl – communication is key. It’s always been the key, and it remains the key. Nowadays, there are multiple ways to reach out to someone you’re interested in. And, whereas, it’s quite okay to send her a message, more often than not, it will give you an edge… Continue reading Why You Should Pick Up The Phone And Call Her Already

Elsa and Mental Health: A Must Read

My friend over at The Adventures of Therapy Girl wrote her first blog post. She explores the relationship of Disney's Frozen and the stigma of Mental Health. It's great! Go check it out: Becoming Elsa: a story for boys and girls

Do not Drown in Social Media: Tips for Survival

It is easy to go online and see how others are living their lives. We share our lives through  filtered lenses. It can become a bit much. It is easy to feel like you are failing at life when comparing it others. It can feel like you are drowning instead of swimming gracefully through life. Whether… Continue reading Do not Drown in Social Media: Tips for Survival

Fellow Bloggers, has this happened to you?

Some things are easier said than done. I did not plan on taking time off from the thing that makes me happy but I did. Life became more chaotic than usual and I began to feel the mental and physical symptoms of it. Hating every second of it I began feeling like a failure for… Continue reading Fellow Bloggers, has this happened to you?

Mini-Haul Video

On Valentine's day before going to see Deadpool, for the second time, I went shopping. I was looking for an outfit for a birthday party. Happy to report I bought what I needed nothing more or excessive. My bank account is very happy. Here is the haul video. Linked below are the items purchased. Top:… Continue reading Mini-Haul Video

And the Beat Goes On…

Another year,  and a multitude of lessons that I have learned throughout this blogging process. I wanted to thank all of you wonderful people who read/ subscribe to my blog. You are so supportive, which makes blogging a bit easier. Also, thank you for inspiring me with the content you post. Your wonderful content sparks… Continue reading And the Beat Goes On…

Blogmas Day 13: Movies to Kick the Holiday Blues

This is the season to be merry, however, this is not the case for everyone. Nevertheless, if you celebrate Christmas and are finding it hard to enjoy the small moments this season watching these movies may help to brighten your days. There is no rule that states you have to love Christmas. However, you should… Continue reading Blogmas Day 13: Movies to Kick the Holiday Blues

Blogmas Day 10 & 11

The last two days were extremely hectic. Life and responsibilities took over, so the blog was pushed to the side. However, now I am ready to continue blogging.  Yesterday, I celebrated the end of the week with a friend and a wonderful dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy. My friend was a joyful reminder of all… Continue reading Blogmas Day 10 & 11