August Cosplay Favorites 2016

This month was all about Cosplay. As a result, the items I have as favorites are related to my Zatanna Cosplay. Style  Makeup  I hope you enjoyed this monthly, Cosplay inspired, favorites. XOXO, Styled2z Follow Me: Twitter:@styled2z Facebook:@styled2z Instagram: @styled2z    

Day 24 & 25: Daily December Challenge ( Blogmas)

Here are pictures of a Christmas Eve outfit idea inspired by Ariana Grande. The make up was simple with a bright lip. I used the Maybelline Photo Finish foundation. I have to say that I love it! It was affordable thanks to the Christmas Eve sales. Hope you enjoy this! Scroll down below for a… Continue reading Day 24 & 25: Daily December Challenge ( Blogmas)

Day 23: December Daily Challenge (Blogmas)

"Happy Christmas Eve Eve!" Thank you, Phoebe from Friends. As Christmas approaches, I am putting together outfits in my head. If only my closet were digital and cool like Cher Horowitz. Her closet made getting dressed a breeze, but I digress. Part of the fun of going out and getting dressed is taking inspiration from… Continue reading Day 23: December Daily Challenge (Blogmas)

Day 15: Daily December Challenge

Everyday I wake up and allow myself to connect with that part of me that is truly passionate about life. Finally being able to blog about the things that interest me has been my saving grace. I finally have a release for the everyday, mundane, frustrations of life. Creatively, through fashion, beauty, and over all… Continue reading Day 15: Daily December Challenge

Ariana Grande Inspired Look

I could not resist doing a makeup look inspired by the new Ariana Grande video for "Love Me Harder." This is a step by step look focusing on the eyes and lips. 1. Apply BB Cream, and concealer where needed. 2. Add eye primer. 3. Next, take the Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay and… Continue reading Ariana Grande Inspired Look

Questioning Music Television

Last night millions of people tuned in to watch the MTV Video Music Awards. The irony is that the leader of music television-- you know when they actually had music videos playing all day everyday-- has lost its grasp on music. Parts of the show were entertaining( Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake)and others a complete… Continue reading Questioning Music Television