Geek Minds Reassembled

Geek Minds

Mission Statement

Geek Minds Reassembled is a great way for Anna and I to talk passionately about our favorite films from all genres. So join us and listen in.

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How it all began… 

To be honest we got tired of our jobs. When we started our careers it was great! Then, slowly, the cynicism trickled in. Long hours, criticism plus lack of appreciation kicked into full gear in 2016. After complaining, and getting  tired of it, Geek Minds Reassembled was born. Geek Minds Reassembled became our ultimate goal.

The podcast came from a need for us to have a creative outlet. We discussed the idea after attending Philadelphia’s Comic Con 2016. Quickly, we realized it was something that we both wanted. It was an idea that we both loved and felt compelled to bring to fruition.

Our podcast structure has changed in the last three months, however, our passion for it has not. I hope you tune in and keep coming back for more.

“Geek Minds Reassembled became our ultimate goal.”

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Anna Laura

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Instagram: @styled2z


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