What to Wear!

     Trying to figure out what to wear is difficult. One day you feel like wearing a dress another pants and another a skirt. It all comes down to how we feel that morning, at least for me. So how do we plan an outfit for a special event?
Every event is different for me. I take into account the season, event, location and mood.

1. The season is important because it dictates the colors and accessories that will work with your outfit.
-A scarf in fall, a dress coat in winter, beautiful pastels in spring and florals in summer.
-Obviously, style is important so do what works for you. Nothing is set in stone.

2. Event: The event is a major factor in deciding what to wear. A cocktail party, a LBD is perfect. An Anniversary or birthday a beautiful dress or jumpsuit works wonderfully. Weddings are a different beast. They have stricter rules.
-Do not wear white that’s reserved for the bride.
-Too exposed or provocative is not appropriate for the ceremony portion.
-Lastly, if it is a theme wedding the outfit changes completely. Needless to say, weddings stress me out!

3. Location:  If an event is indoor than you can go sleeveless with sleeves short or long in length. If it is outside then that also determines what you are able to wear.                                                                                                                             Where is this happening? Is it on a sunny beach town or an enchanted garden affair off of the coast of Maine? It is crucial to know the weather when it comes to an event.

4. Mood can make of break an outfit. You either feel it or you don’t. So if you agonized over it and then the day of you are not in the mood for a red skater dress with long sleeves then everything is subject to change. Piece of advice select several options to help minimize stress the day of. Make sure they are not all dresses. What if you do not want to shave your leg? This will become a problem so plan for it.

You may be thinking, oh you are thinking way too much about this. Well no worries…..We are all there…

 Here are some great pieces to help you find the perfect outfit.

GS. Love
G S . Love 
Deb Shops


Fashion to Figure


Wet Seal Plus
Forever XXI



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