Sansa’s Journey: Podcast #5 GMR

No one wants Game of Thrones spoilers! Be advised if you are not caught up then listening to this podcast is not for you.



Welcome back to this weeks episode of Geek Minds Reassembled. Anna and I talk about the character development of Sansa Stark. We are solely basing this on her character development on the television show not the book series. We are aware of the massive difference between the books and the show, however people are more familiar with the show.


Sansa went from bratty preteen to fierce teenager.


Her journey has not been an easy one. She loses everything, yet manages to hold on to a shred of hope. She is the reason for John Snow being able to defeat Ramsay Bolton’s army. A win for her!


Watching her grow and survive in a male dominated society is refreshing. This past season she came into her own and took control. Way to go Sansa!

Also, we talk about her relationship with Joffrey, Tyrion and Ramsay, specifically how they influenced her. Additionally, we discuss the PTSD Sansa could experience due to the traumas she has faced.


We hope you enjoy this episode. If you want to be part of the conversation, leave us a comment below or follow us on social media. Hope to hear from you!

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