Geek Minds Reassembled: What is it?

My friend Anna over at Adventures of Therapy Girl and I teamed up to do what we do best discuss comics and animated characters as well as mental health. We joined our strengths to produce this podcast. In this first episode, Confidence with Tina Belcher, we talk about the wonderful Tina Belcher and her self-esteem. Let’s face it, people love Tina! So please go check out our podcast. I will link it right below. Also, I designed a lesson plan, which will also be linked below. I hope it will be a great resource for everyone. Thank you, for being patient with me and always coming back. I appreciate your support!


Sound Cloud:

iTunes: Geek Minds Reassembled

Lesson PlanConfidence with Tina Belcher



Social Media Information:

Anna Laura


Facebook: adventuresoftherapygirl

Instagram: @annalaura1011



Twitter: @styled2z

Facebook: Styled2z

Instagram: @styled2z


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