Do not Drown in Social Media: Tips for Survival

It is easy to go online and see how others are living their lives. We share our lives through  filtered lenses. It can become a bit much. It is easy to feel like you are failing at life when comparing it others. It can feel like you are drowning instead of swimming gracefully through life. Whether we know it or not, this comparison of social media activity leads to comparing your life to those beautiful stills you see online.


It is easy to drown in your life when you are trying to compete with the pseudo reality of others. I do it. I blog and love social media, but it is a double-edged sword. We love sharing our memories with others just like they like sharing with us. Their posts do not take away from you life or value. Nevertheless, it can become difficult with constant uploads. So I tell myself …





  1. While I recognize that others are simply living their lives, I tell myself to live life and just keep swimming.


2. One captured moment is not indicative of their lives or yours.


3. Your life is awesome no matter what is happening at that moment. 


4. If it all becomes too much take a break from social media. The best solution is to shut it down.


5. Celebrate your life because no one else will. 


Hope this helps you. Writing this helped me to see social media from a different perspective.




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