Fellow Bloggers, has this happened to you?

Some things are easier said than done. I did not plan on taking time off from the thing that makes me happy but I did. Life became more chaotic than usual and I began to feel the mental and physical symptoms of it.


Hating every second of it I began feeling like a failure for not being able to express myself creatively. I hit a roadblock. I feel stuck. I feel like I am sinking in sand while everyone else is free to roam. 


I am writing it, so that I can move forward from this slump. I am writing it down to explain to you all that it has not been  a choice but a creative demand.


My fellow bloggers, please, tell me this has happened to you? If so, please share any tips to overcome this, so I can get back to blogging.



8 thoughts on “Fellow Bloggers, has this happened to you?”

  1. I am struggling just to get off my feet. My readership is minimal and despite many tags I am just not getting the views I thought I would. Good luck with your slump! Maybe the spring will help put some fresh air in your lungs and creativity in your heart 🙂

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  2. I’ve been blogging for over a year now and initially, I started blogging out of boredom and wasnt really sure if I’ll enjoy doing it going forward. However, just this year I became more active and started sharing posts that I really want. I don’t put pressure to myself especially when I’m busy with work and personal life then I just rest. Blogging is my way of releasing stress and little did I know I hit at least a thousand followers which is unexpected and I’m grateful of. I know I am not a professional blogger but I hope you’ll just enjoy every minute of it and I’m sure you’ll get to where you want to be. Good Luck! 🙂

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  3. I recently went through two periods of time when my world was just emotionally raw to the point of numbing. I didn’t feel like writing even when I had content. Just sitting in front of the computer made my mood drop. I took a week off, and then I chose to start writing for 20 minutes in a block on any subject I had in mind. I knocked out 14 posts the other day and came up with 36 upcoming personal and interactive projects. As soon as you take the pressure off yourself to do it, your creative juices flow.

    Also, try just brainstorming on pen and paper, you’ll get so excited you can’t wait to write.

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  4. Its so funny that this is the first blog post I see as I return from a 8 month hiatus… And all that was going through my mind as I signed in was,”Where the hell do I start?!” All I can say to myself is, “Just go!” I hope it works for me and I hope it works for you… I think we’re thinking too hard and thats the block. You got it!


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