Courting Me in 2016: Week 13 |Until Next Time

Tulip Garden

After weeks of self-reflection and documenting the process, I have concluded that I need to stop taking myself so seriously. More importantly, I have learned that if we are not learning about ourselves every day we are not evolving as humans. I am refusing to stay the same. I want to become a better person today than the one I was yesterday.

Reflecting on the last 13 weeks, I am able to see how much I have progressed mentally and emotionally. With this being said, I’ve had so many wonderful yet painful insights about myself. Have I found a quick remedy for them all? No. I am simply going to continue working on myself.

Beauty in the Evening: 3
“Hold back the river let me look in your eyes. Hold back the river, so I can stop for a minute and be by your side. Hold back the river, hold back.”- James Bay

Overall, my dream is to be happy with myself as well as in any relationship I have with another person. My goal is to laugh and enjoy every moment in my life, especially those not fogged by my anxiety-filled mind. I am willing to fight for my happiness even against myself, which is a bold statement because living with mental illness is a pain. However, I refuse to not be in charge of my life because at times it does feel like I am simply drifting. So until next time. This is the last of the Courting Me in 2016 segment, for now.



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