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Courting Me in 2016: Week 11 | Control

There is no such thing as control.  We can only control certain aspects of our lives. Full control is not possible. Life does not work this way. Unfortunately, I know this and still want to control every situation. I want to have control over my life, my health, my dating life and so on. I simply cannot. Why? Well there are so many variables to calculate that will be here forever.

Instead of dwelling about all the possibilities about why we cannot control our lives here are the major offenders.

  1. Emotions : Unless you’re a Vulcan you cannot control your emotions. Like that Star Trek reference? We are human it’s what we do.giphy
  2. People : People are not meant to be controlled or manipulated, if it was we would be living in a Barbie world.giphy
  3. Life : I have nothing else to say other than we cannot control it. We are only responsible for the choices we make.giphy-1

Yet, as I write all of this I realize that it will be difficult for me to let go.

I have to let go of my old ways.




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