Valentia Yay or Nay!

I love makeup! That is not a secret. However,as much I am a makeup enthusiast I love taking care of my skin. So any time that I get to try a product I am picky about what I try to review.

I have looked for a mask to hydrate my face after a day of wearing makeup.


The Valentia Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask is a mouthful to say. The name itself sounds intimidating. I must say the process is not as such.


The mask is easy to apply after a long day on your face after a long day. Sit back and relax for 15 minutes and let the mask tingle on your face. It does tingle but it does not burn.

 I left my house without makeup, only moisturizer, and my friend complimented my skin. The stars aligned and I realized that using the hydration mask for the past month has worked!

Valentia also sent me their True Glow Eye Cream to test. I liked how it kept my under eyes refreshed. I did not like the  weird paste like feeling  the next morning.

Q7DAh4vuTIuP6josdsbv_True Glow Eye Cream with Box

Definitely worth reviewing but in this case I would choose the Mask over the Eye cream. Furthermore, I enjoy promoting products that uses all natural and organic ingredients are vegan friendly while being cruelty free. If this appeals to you  here are the links to the site and where you can buy the skin care items.



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