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Courting Me in 2016: Week 7 Need vs Want

Honesty time, I did not have the time or energy to film a video this week for Courting Me in 2016. Life and anxiety took over this week, so creatively I was praying for divine intervention. Nevertheless, I struggled. So today as I sat down to reflect on this week laziness took over, and after a series of naps it came to me. In relationships  people have different wants and needs. How do I define what I need versus what I want?


It is easy to say that we need certain things like that $90 Prada Candy perfume when you really do not.


Or wanting that trip to Europe when in reality what you want is to pay off your debt.


Separating the need and wants in our lives become more difficult the older we get. When we were younger it was easier to blur the lines.


This is not about spending a ridiculous amount of money on something. It is more about going for the things that make you happy.

Do we need to work all the time to be happy? No


Do we want to work in order to go on luxurious vacations? Yes


My struggle is finding a balance between both? What I need  like necessities and overall good health and happiness outweighs wants. I want to pay off my student loans, be able to live comfortably, and have a great credit score. However, when does this financial status begin to define my needs?


I do not have an answer and I am not sure if I will ever get one. If you have a great tip for how to draw the lines between wants and needs in life please comment down below. I have come to find is that our wants outweigh the needs.



Any suggestions leave them down below.





2 thoughts on “Courting Me in 2016: Week 7 Need vs Want

  1. For me, I always think “can I go about my daily life without it?”. Lately, due to my joblessness, I think of the cost or how I can limit cost. Also, the “Yaaaaaaaas” gif made me laugh.

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