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Courting Me in 2016: Week 5 | It’s All About Me

With winter in full force, hibernation status is in full swing. However, even with the low temperatures and high winds the sun does to come out.  Taking a cue from Mother Nature I decided to brave the cold and go out and enjoy life in this weather. Over the years, I have established a great and safe routine: School, work, sleep and social life. Every once in a while I would make time to go out at night past 8 p.m. and try to experience the night life. Somehow  I created a safe lifestyle, every move calculated. I was spending all of my time and energy on others and wearing myself thin.  I neglected myself.


This past week I have had a series of ups and downs. Dealing with those situations made me physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. I found myself reverting back to my old ways. I lost my routine somewhere along the way the past seven months and my coping mechanisms are not the best.


This week I found myself in a situation where what I want and what the other person also wants are clashing. People may want or need two different things in life both in relationships and friendships, it is your decision that determines the outcome. Do you continue for you or the other person?  This is the time when you pull a Britney Spears and yell STOP!


Think of what will benefit you. Some people live in the moment other plan three steps ahead. Speaking from experience it is easy to let someone who is toxic come in and disrupt your routine. You know the routine you work years to set up. Well… that routine can easily be thrown for a loop.


My advice to you is to stick to it. You’re worth taking care of.  You’re worth the fight. It all starts by establishing your own boundaries.



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