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Courting Me in 2016: Week 4|Time

Harry Potter is the inspiration for this week.  Sitting on my night stand, next to the bed is a cute jewelry box that reads “Capture the Memories.” Inside the box is a Time Turner, a replica of the one that Hermione uses in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to get to classes all year. If you are not a fan, or have never read the books or watched the movies, it is a way to manipulate time. So how does this necklace play a role in my concept of time?

Well… I do not hide the fact that I am a diehard Harry Potter fan. I grew treading the line between my reality and the magic of Hogwarts. The more time passes the deeper of an understanding I gain of the key role these books have had in my life. I learned so much about love, family, friendships, confidence, as well as good and evil. Nevertheless, years have passed since the last book. Most of  my childhood lessons came from inside the pages of the book. However, I digress. 

Time is flying by. This is the fourth dating me in 2016, which also marks the end of January. Wow that was quick. This week I began to feel nostalgic about the past. Who I was, am and hope to become, are questions that plague me. The speed of time has crashed in to me. I realize that if I do not want to feel sad or disappointed with my life or my achievements I need to dedicate time for myself. How? 

  • Time for me –  a time where I am not comparing myself to others. Cut that out! No one else cares. Get over yourself!
  • Get out more! – It is extremely difficult because depression can beat me down. However, in order to overcome the symptoms from taking over I need to find things that capture my attention.
  • Find ACTIVITIES – Finding time and things to do is difficult with a full-time job and beating the winter blues. However, this is important to not sink deeper into my depression.
  • Speak up!– I tend to cut all communication with those who matter most in my life. In recent years it has become a coin mechanism. This is a habit I am hoping to change. I  want to reach out to others in time of need.
  • Develop  better habits – When dealing with mental or emotional situations I need to explore different methods of dealing with stress. Something other than sleeping, eating, or shutting the world out is out there to help me cope.

This is what I know. It is what I reflected on. Now it is time to make decisions to go forward and make the most of my time. 




4 thoughts on “Courting Me in 2016: Week 4|Time

  1. You’re awesome! 😘 I absolutely love this blog and can’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner. I can definitely relate to your self reflection and concept of time.


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