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Courting Me in 2016: Week 2

The lesson for this week was the following, to allow myself to get lost in the moment and really enjoy the feeling of the journey. I am extremely impatient. I have this need to know what is going to happen next. Not to mention my fixation to control things in my life. Psychologists would have fun evaluating me. Nevertheless, I am trying to become a more patient person.

 How do you ask?

 By slowly torturing myself.

Here are some ways I am forcing myself to become better with patience.

  • Instead of buying that Urban Decay palette that I wanted, I walked away from it. I closed the tab on the window and did not go back on the site to look at the pretty colors.
  • That moment when you send a text message and the person does not respond right away and you know they received it. It is so frustrating. You question everything about yourself. Did I say something offensive? Was it hurtful? Too much? Maybe they do not like me? Do they think I am stalking them? You know the string of questions that crosses one’s mind during that endless wait.
  • As a way of not torturing myself, I am leaving my phone upstairs, not responding to texts right away and not having my phone attached to me. Prime example, I am sitting downstairs on my couch writing this post and my phone is upstairs in my room on my night stand.
  • More importantly, it has made me realize that I need to stop projecting my idiosyncrasies on others. I over think everything which does a hell of a job for my anxiety. However, I cannot expect others something for others that I do not posses. In relationships not having patience is a turn off. It can make the other person run away or even you feel overwhelmed by the situation.

Wow, new realization. It is like a whole new world over here. 

Check out the video on my channel.



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