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New Blog Series in 2016

Happy New Year! I am excited for the new adventures I am going to take this year, as well as being able to share it with you all. What is this new blog series you ask? Fine, fine, I will tell you.


In early December, I was inspired by an article I read from Hello Giggles about taking yourself on a date. This article sparked my curiosity and creativity. Instead of simply taking myself on a date I want to date myself.


How am I going to do this you ask? I asked myself the same question. I had two weeks to sit and really plan out how this was going to work out. I jotted down ideas and overall dating musts. Weird, I know. Nevertheless, if I am going to do this I might as well do this right. As a result, I put paper to pen remembering all of the wonderful feelings of dating (at the beginning at least). I knew from the start that in order for this to work the way I wanted it to, I needed to establish guidelines for myself. So I did.


My hope is to learn as much about myself as possible and become a better version of me. I want to take the time to reflect on this journey via weekly goals and share it with you to keep myself accountable. I will post weekly blogs as well videos on my YouTube channel. I simply ask for your support during this endeavor. There is more to come in the following days. Come join the insanity train. I hope you join me for this journey and become a part of it.



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