Blogmas Day 19 & 20: Social Media Battles

Social Media Battles

Why do people decide to display their business on social media? If you do not want people to comment, gossip, or simply have a mere thought about your relationship or life then do not make it public.


This is more apparent when two people who claim to love each other are going back and forth on social media in a, oh so subtle, battle of song lyrics.


 It bothers me enough because it is clouding my feed and I have to mute/ block individuals. No one wants to see such negativity online. Most people spend their time trying to cultivate a positive space not seeking negativity to feed on.


I understand the need for self-expression. However, I know plenty of people who are able to express their thoughts in a way that does not blatantly call out another person. I guess I am noticing it more during this holiday season considering it is a time to be with loved ones. It does not seem like too much to ask that people simply try to be kinder to one another.



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