Blogmas Day 7: Monday Daze

Normally, I do not mind Mondays. However, today kicked my butt. I am trying to fight off catching the holiday blues.


Hoping for a better tomorrow.





  1. I feel ya, girl. I felt exhausted all day today. And have been feeling the holiday blues. I have started trying to catch myself when I am feeling down, take a deep breath, then think about things that make me happy and/or count my blessings. Sometimes it works. I hope you’ll feel better. Xoxoxo.

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  2. hehehe I have had a few days like this lately and I wish I could blame it on a Monday. I read the same paragraph like 7 times today UGH and I still don’t know what I just read. LMBO this day will be over soon enough and I can go home and try again tomorrow. The plus side is that I know that I got some things done and so I know I didn’t totally fail today…down side, none of it was related to work, bwhahaha!

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