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Blogmas Day 7: Monday Daze

Normally, I do not mind Mondays. However, today kicked my butt. I am trying to fight off catching the holiday blues.


Hoping for a better tomorrow.




8 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 7: Monday Daze

  1. I feel ya, girl. I felt exhausted all day today. And have been feeling the holiday blues. I have started trying to catch myself when I am feeling down, take a deep breath, then think about things that make me happy and/or count my blessings. Sometimes it works. I hope you’ll feel better. Xoxoxo.

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      1. I know. Try to enjoy the comfort of home and things that you enjoy about winter. The rich colors, warm sweaters, hot chocolate. And know that the sun is right around the corner. We just have to get through this winter. You are not alone!

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  2. hehehe I have had a few days like this lately and I wish I could blame it on a Monday. I read the same paragraph like 7 times today UGH and I still don’t know what I just read. LMBO this day will be over soon enough and I can go home and try again tomorrow. The plus side is that I know that I got some things done and so I know I didn’t totally fail today…down side, none of it was related to work, bwhahaha!

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