December is Almost Here

I will not flood your timeline with Christmas music. To be fair, I have only listened to one or two songs at most this holiday season. As I sat and relaxed today my mind began to race, as usual. It is habit at this point. One of the wonderful perks of living with anxiety is the never ending rushing of thoughts. In the midst of that chaos I decided to listen to relaxing music, which in my mind meant Adele’s 25.
I began listening to her music and fell into the deepest sleep. It was a great lazy day nap!! So I decided to share some relaxing tunes that help pause my mind and help me to relax. The following artists have a wide singing range accompanied with  silky smooth voices.

1. Adele’s- When We Were Young
2. Sia- Big Girls Cry
3. George Ezra- Barcelona
4. Hozier- Someone New
5. Iron and Wine- Naked As We Came
6. Ella Eyre- We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off
7. Amy Winehouse – Valerie
8. James Morrison- Please Don’t Stop The Rain
9. Ben Howard- Only Love
10. Ed Sheeran- Tenerife Sea


These are not in order of preference. I wrote them down as they came to mind. I hope they help you relax during the holidays, especially if you are in constant stressful situations.


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