Becoming Characters from Inside Out

Ever had one of those days when you are trying to make the best of a situation and then one person says something and you lose it? The tears of frustration start falling due to your inability to really communicate how you feel without sounding like a whiny baby. Or better yet, trying to not be the victim of everything that is going wrong in the world. Today, was one of those days for me. Unfortunately, I no longer have the ability to hide my emotions as well as I used to. So, I became Sadness and Anger from Inside Out in a manner of minutes.



Good thing I was with a friend who helped me to laugh my frustration away. Later on as the day progressed I reflected on that moment. I realized that laughter is a great medicine. Also, I am grateful to those around me that can make me laugh and understand my crying talk. We all have one. Sorry for the mid-week downer I just needed to see if anyone out there has been through a similar situation.


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