November: Days 9 &10 Apps and Cameras I use for Blogging

I really did try to stick the daily schedule and then this week began and I forgot that I was daily blogging. I do not mind Mondays, however, yesterday I felt so tired. Okay, enough with excuses. Today you two posts to make up for not doing so yesterday.

 For Apps for picture collages or just to fix the lighting on pictures I use Cymera. This app is great to ad text, animations, and borders to photos/ collages. I love it.

This past year, I have stopped playing with all of the filters on the app and on Instagram for my pictures. I want to embrace my natural self with no filters. With that said, go over and follow me on Instagram


Next, the cameras I use for photos are both Samsung. When I am out and about the one I go to the most is my phone camera, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus.


I also use my Samsung NX Mini for photos. I love the quality! Plus, sometimes they have great sales on the Samsung site, so keep a look out.


Hope this helps. Have good day!




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