When Hump Day Pushes You Down

We all have those days when we feel defeated. It happens and today it happened to me. I woke up early because of a coughing fit to face the fact that what I thought was congestion is a full blown cold. Mustering the strength to get for work felt like a herculean task. Nevertheless, I woke up and got dressed and made my way to work. My day went well, sick and all. Yet when I arrived home, I felt down both physically and emotionally.
Lately, when I am not feeling 100% I have been using an app called Mandalas Coloring Pages. It is exactly that coloring on your phone. The app comes with a variety of designs and colors.
The bonus is the soothing music that helps me to relax and feel at ease. This is not sponsored at all. I wanted to share an app that has helped me, lately, to relax and feel better especially after a long day. Keep in mind I am not an artist. Without hesitation or shame here are my amazing colored pages:



No shame in my coloring game. So if you need something to help you calm down or simply to boost your spirits try this app. I do recommend a stylus to help you.

Mandalas coloring pages to relax. Get it free ->

They also have it for iPhones.



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