Hunger Is Campaign

Growing up in Philadelphia was not easy. My mother raised two kids on her own without much help from public assistance. We could not afford the best clothes or the latest toys, but we had food on our table thanks to her hard work and church organizations. Whether my mom knew it, or not, those experiences have stayed with me. They motivate me everyday to work and help give back to others. The most vivid memories are the ones when my mom would make a meal and there would only be enough for my brother and I. Her motherly instinct would kick in and she would say, ” I am not hungry” so that my brother and I could eat. She hid it very well. Yet, there was a look in her eyes that said it all. Fortunately, our economic situation improved over time. Nevertheless, those memories never fade. The saddest part for me is knowing that others are experiencing hunger in this country and they will not ask for help or food because they feel ashamed. Hunger is not just a “third world” problem. It is also a national problem that we can help tackle. Others gave to my family without hesitation, it is time to pay it forward. So what can you do to get involved and help others in need? Join the Hunger Is Campaign

1. When shopping at Albertsons Safeway during check out, it will ask you if you would like to donate a certain amount of money and you chose whether Yes or No. “Donation Campaign” Safeway Stores – key pin pad request

To donate only the following division are participating:



Northern California



2. The second is by buying products of companies that have partnered with the Hunger Is Campaign. The following products will donate a meal for a purchase of their brand/product

Con Agra – Marie Calender’s, Healthy Choice, Bertolli’s and PF Chang brands





3. The following are the most popular/well known stores that are selling brands to help support the campaign:

United Supermarkets

Tom Thumb


Star Market


Carrs / Safeway

Market Street



One in five children in America live in households without consistent access to adequate food and Albertsons Safeway as a grocery retailer want to help aid in this initiative by helping to improve health outcomes for hungry children and their families. Every designated item supports “Hunger Is,” helping connect hungry kids in our community neighborhoods to healthy food. As a grocery retailer, we want to help support these charitable events and give back to our communities. The “Hunger Is” campaign will be led by the Safeway Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF). They will help manage the local distribution of funds collected by store to their local food banks in the communities in which the Albertsons Safeway family of stores operates.


Do what you can to help others. While this may be sponsored, I chose it for a reason because I know what it is like to see a mother struggle to feed her children and herself. Volunteer, Spread the Word, or Donate!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Safeway . The opinions and text are all mine.


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