Finding Inspiration and Motivation on YouTube: DoseofFOUSEY

    I bet some skeptical thoughts about finding inspiration on YouTube passed through your mind just now. I hope to silence them. For the past couple of months, I have been watching Yousef Saleh Erakat the star of DoseofFOUSEY on YouTube. I found one of his three channels by accident because he happens to be friends with one of my favorite DIY YouTubers Laurdiy. After watching one of his daily vlogs I was hooked. His energy, vulnerability, and honesty kept me coming back for more. Oh, and he is extremely funny!

90 Day Transformation
                     90 Day Transformation

He began a 90 day challenge to transform body and mind. Through his dedication and belief in the Law of Attraction, he achieved his goals. The best thing is that he wanted to share this with his family on YouTube (Subscribers) and that gained him a loyal group of individuals. His “bruh bruhs” as he calls them, believe in him and his journey.

So why write about him? 

Yousef openly admits to his struggles with weight, bipolar disorder, depression and addiction. They were the catalyst that led him to this transformation. His journey appealed to me because of his struggle with weight and mental illness. All I can say is that finally someone is addressing the issues in such an open manner.  After my struggles the past couple of weeks, watching his daily vlogs have inspired me to start taking control of my life. Seeing his transformation made me believe that I can achieve my goals.


 My goals are to advocate for others, express myself creatively, and do it all on my terms. I am ready to take a leap of faith. Lastly, I am accepting that depression does not dominate my life. I can help myself. So go and find some inspiration and motivation on DoseofFOUSEY. I hope that I helped to silence those skeptic thoughts.



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