Commercial Ready Hair the Natural Way? Fact or Fiction

*Sponsored by Monat*

 I love trying products and being able to tell you, my wonderful fellow bloggers, about them. Nevertheless, I only tell you about the ones I fall in love with and feel will benefit you. If you have been following me for a while you know I love using hair products that are natural. However, I digress. I found a product that I need to share with you all concerning hair. Guys, this includes you too. Monat is an all natural hair company. I was under the impression my hair was healthy already. Naturally, I figure I would professional hair dye it and use heat in July to switch up my look. Great decision!  It took a toll on my ends. 

You can see the damage from the dye and too much heat.
You can see the damage from the dye and too much heat.

As a result, when the products arrived I was happy to try them. The package came with instructions and two adorable, colorful, bags full of the Balance Treatment samples. Prior to trying the products, they suggest cleansing your hair of any other products. They recommend adding baking soda to your regular shampoo routine to cleanse.

Afterwards, I used my first sample. Prepare yourselves… I used the Restore Leave-in Conditioner. It smelled great! I let it air dry we were experiencing an amazing summer heat wave. It took a bit to dry but I was not complaining. As it was drying, I remember loving the smell of the product. It was a bit creepy how often I sniffed my hair. The day went on andI thought nothing of it until the next day. My hair felt soft and strong. Heck, I didn’t even need to brush it.

Leave-in Conditioner 2 days later.
                                                            Leave-in Conditioner 2 days     later.

The pass two weeks I have used the Renew Shampoo and the Replenish Masque for my hair washing routine. Both products lock in the moisture and form a wonderful team that hydrate and revitalize the hair. My split ends are in Heaven. 

My hair feels stronger than ever. It has grown as well.
My hair feels stronger than ever. It has grown as well.

The products are a bit pricey due to the high concentration of natural ingredients. This is by far a splurge for hair treatment. If you wish to try it I have linked their page for a free sample so you can see for yourselves. For those who wish to splurge I recommend Monat. I feel commercial hair ready!  If that makes any sense.  



For a free sample: Monat Contact

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