Lazy Day OOTD

Final fotor  Today I woke up with a lazy day attitude. You know those days when getting dressed is a chore and you don’t really care what you look like. Well… you do care but not as much as you normally would. With the weather getting hotter and hotter by the day, I decided to spend the day at Starbucks getting homework done and some social media stalking. I did them in that order. Trust me, it was difficult to not directly connect to my Instagram or Snapchat! Anyway, I digress. As a result of my mood, deciding what to wear was relatively easy. I went for my grey, thin, joggers. They might as well be pajamas. A white tank-top to not feel like a potato baking in the sun. I topped the look with a patterned, multi-colored, long cardigan. I finished it by wearing flip-flops because with this heat there is no way I was wearing close toed shoes.



Makeup: The No Makeup Look

Eyes: Using the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette I used the light brown shade as a base for my lid. Then, I added a darker brown shimmer shade to my crease and blended. No top liner for me today! I curled my lashes and used my favorite mascara Princess by Essence for both top and bottom lashes.



Face: After my morning routine, I hydrated by applying my E.LF. Hydrating Face Primer. Then using the CoverGirl tinted moisturizer, I covered my face lightly. Next, I added concealer underneath my eyes a bit on my forehead and my chin. Afterwards, I blended with my Real Techniques blending brush. I added a little bit of Model Co. bronzer to my cheek and jaw line. After blending, I blended everything with my E.L.F Kabuki brush. To set my makeup in, I added a sprinkle of High Definition Powder by E.L.F. and sprayed a bit of their setting spray.







Overall, it took me fifteen minutes to get dressed and complete my makeup. For a lazy day routine, it was easy and not stressful. Furthermore, I felt confident and comfortable. I call that a win-win!!



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