Not just Another Moisturizer Review: Discount Code Included

After I ran out of my Radha Retinol Moisturizer that they sent me to test out and I fell in love with, I looked far and wide for a product that would fill the void. Several attempts with crap moisturizers and months searching I finally found one. Now, I know that I could have bought a Radha Moisturizer and call it a day. However, I like to shop on a budget and that is definitely a splurge product for me. When Trilane offered to send me a free sample of their 100% natural Trilane® Retinol + Vitamin C moisturizer it gave me some hope that perhaps this would be one the one. They have yet to let me down!

7JRtGcMmSrag3rpJQDED_trv.a.superzoom[1]       The small glass bottle is sturdy. Looking at it I thought, great another oil like consistency moisturizer. Nevertheless, upon placing two drops on my hand, I rubbed it on my face and I could feel how smoothly it glides on. I did not form a true a opinion until hours later when I was in the car and I felt my cheek, weird, I know. I had the smoothness without the oily skin. My friend even noticed that my skin was a bit smoother and vibrant. I should mention that I did not wear any make up the day that I tried the product. Afterwards, I continued to apply it daily, morning and night, to keep up the routine. It really did help my skin throughout these last couple of weeks of unpredictable weather.

You can buy the products through Amazon:

They also gave me 20% off code for you lovely people!

Reader Discount: 20% Off
Reader Discount Code: SAVERETC

Promotion code expires 12/31/15



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