Comic Con Monday Post


Yesterday, I gathered at the Philadelphia Convention Center with my fellow nerds (compliment) to enjoy the wonders of the fandom/creative world. Comic Con brings everyone together from television, movies, comic book, YouTube etc. under one roof for fans to meet and admire. Brittany and I look forward to the lineup every year and this year was no different. She was going crazy for Stephen Amell and I was going to go to support her. Normally, there is one person I want a photo opportunity with, but this year there was no one, right till the last-minute. Let’s face it, I was looking forward to meeting one of the cast members of The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus, I am talking to you.

At the last-minute, none other than Summer Glau was added to the celebrity line up. I flipped. In my head, I  did three cart wheels with a fire lit baton. I am such a fan girl! I mean she was River in Firefly and Cameron Phillips from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Growing up it was great watching a young woman be both intelligent and physically strong. Our day ended up being a great adventure running into people we knew from Twitter or celebrities we absolutely love.

In case you have no idea who David Tenant and Billie Piper are, then you have been missing out! The tenth Doctor and his most popular companion Rose were there. I caught a glimpse of Mr. Tenant walking back and forth from the autograph table to the photo opportunity tent. Oh, and if you were a fan of The O.C Ryan Atwood (Ben Mackenzie) was there promoting Gotham. It was one great day, especially being able to see the green Power Ranger (Jason David Frank) walk pass you. Not a big deal at all!  Enough of me rambling here are the pictures of the day. Enjoy.


           Waiting for Summer Glau




              Us and Summer Glau


                        Selfie- Time


        Stephen Amell walking with his crew.



Till next time

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