Women Style Crush Wednesday

My style inspirations from this week range from the Met Gala to overall media success. I hope you enjoy it!

The Met Gala was this week and it brought out every star in Hollywood. Nevertheless, it is this young Disney star that for me was picture perfect from her golden head crown to her beautiful sun design dress. Zendaya is my first style inspiration.

Ahora, es tiempo para mis Latinas favoritas del momento. Tres cantantes del grupo de Fifth Harmony.

Camilla Cabello, Ally Brooke Hernandez y Lauren Jauregui representan Latinas en Hollywood con sus canciones y estilo.


Next, is none other than Tess Munster! She has been taking over the Fashion world one magazine cover at a time. I admire her success and her ideals about loving who you are no matter your size.

Lastly, is my eyebrow twin, at least I like to think so 🙂 Cara Delevigne took the Met Gala and owned it. Her and I need to become friends like now!

Look at those tattoos from Bang Bang!


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