A Guide to Learning Independently

     As we age and climb the academic latter, we tend to realize that we have to become more self -sufficient. Classes in college are labeled “independent study,” so that a student may learn what he/she needs in order to meet requirements to graduate. I find that this is something many of us do on a regular basis when it comes to home repairs, diys, beauty, fashion and so forth. We subconsciously learn independently relying on one or two articles or videos to help us. We leave it to trial and error to measure mastery. I learned this when I began searching for different remedies to help reduce stress that did not involve sleeping or shopping. Here is my guide to learning independently:

1. Acknowledging the Task at Hand:  As soon as you isolate the task and  it becomes minor in the realm of things.

2. Creating a Plan: Over time what has helped me is taking things step by step. Coming up with a plan and looking at the plan as a level/ barrier, in a game, that I have to overcome in order to move on.

3. Finding Resources: There is no shame in asking for help whether it is through a professional, a friend, or a self-help book to really help guide you in your task. I found plenty of great free resources through Kindle on Amazon, as well as online on a multitude of subjects.

4. Motivation: Find something to motivate you. This one is for the things we do not want to learn or have difficulty with in general. A nice shopping spree, a home spa date, countless hours of binge watching Netflix with friends; whatever the prize is make sure that it is enough to motivate you. Lastly, it should fuel you through the task of learning.

5. Celebrating: Do not undermine small victories. Whether it is learning the step of an algebraic equation, finding where a piece of the puzzle fits, or finally applying a theory that never seemed to make sense in your science classes; these are victories nonetheless. They are small milestones in your journey to independent learning.

 I wanted to share some lifestyle tips. We overlook all of the minor things we do on our own. Perhaps this post  will help with giving you some validation.

One of my celebrations! Starbucks spelling my name right.
One of my celebrations! Starbucks spelling my name right.



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