Beauty is Skin Deep: Radha Beauty All Natural Regiment

 Makeup can definitely enhance our beauty, but it can also damage our skin. The older we get the more makeup we use to hide our blemishes and dark circles. Naturally, we pile on the makeup. However, we need to take care of our canvas, our skin. When I stumbled upon Radha Beauty on Brand Backer, I loved their all natural approach for skincare. The creator states: “In 2014, I started Radha Beauty, with our 100% pure and natural oils and our natural skincare line. We partner with earth-loving, women-empowering organizations, use eco-friendly packaging, and we never stop striving to improve our products and our impact on the world.” I can see people cringing about the thought of using oils on their faces to help with their skin. Nevertheless, this has helped me, even with my combination skin type.

If you have read my blog before, you know that I swear by using Argan Oil products for my face and hair. So, I have been looking for more all natural skincare products to combat the makeup. As much as I love makeup, it can really damage my skin. For the past week I have been using the Radha Beauty three step  morning/ night time skin regiment. In order to optimize the results all three products are necessary.


1. With a small dab on my index finger, I apply this to my eyelids and underneath my eyes. This small bottle brings a high quality product. Plus, with the Eye Gel a little goes a long way.



2. After applying the Eye Gel, I go to the Vitamin C Serum. I apply this all over my face and neck. This hydrates the skin and makes the skin look nice and lively.


3. The final step is the Miracle Retinol Moisturizer which acts as a sealant. It helps to smooth the skin and allows the other two products to work all day.

 I have enjoyed the results this product has given me in under a week. My skin feels smooth like it is breathing. I give this two thumbs up! Go check the products out. In one week, I have noticed a difference and I know you will too.

This is after a week of using the products twice a day.

**All natural, no make up or filters. I want this to be an honest post. 



 I will be linking the website below, which is offering 30% off of the Eye Gel through Amazon. Gotta love a bargain!



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