Friendship February Day 26 &27 Makeup Tutorial

Selena Gomez has been all over social media lately. Whether people are criticizing or praising her, she’s still the topic of conversation. I, for one, love her sense of style. Plus, what she wrote to her fan, who was having a tough day, was simply touching. She’s more than what people make her out to be. I
wanted to recreate a look by her. Personally, I wanted to celebrate her. Also, I wanted an excuse to blast her  new single with Zedd. Lastly, this look is from her V Magazine spread we’re  James Franco interviewed her. I could not pass up the opportunity to try this look. It is easy and perfect for everyday in 11 steps.
1. Moisturize- Super important.
2. Apply primer- I have been using the Mirabella eyes and face primer. Thank you, BoxyCharm.
3. Apply some BB Cream. You want a nice smooth finish that is easy to blend. 4. Conceal those imperfections!
5. Blend
6. Eyes- I used the Naked 2 from the Naked Basics palette. I added a bit of eye shadow and blended.
7. I proceeded to add a bit of top eyeliner as close to my eyelashes to create more depth.
8. Curled my lashes and then applied my Maybelline Volumous Lashes mascara.
9. I added a bit of mascara to my bottom lashes for a more refreshing, wide awake look.
10. Next, was brozer around my jawline, temples, nose, and some on my cheeks. Blended it until I felt like I achieved a natural glowing look.
11. For the lips, instead of using clear gloss, like the magazine, I used my Liar shade from Urban Decay.

The look is complete. You can go through and play with the lip color or some fake lashes. However, if you’re crunched for time and money this is definitely duable. 


Hope you enjoy this post.


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