Friendship February Day 24: Finding the Perfect Song

Hello Amigos,
Today as I sat on my couch after a tiring day, I stumbled upon a song that summed up my emotions. I must state that I like different genres of music, so being able to browse through Spotify is invigorating for me.
As I browsed, my eyes drifted to a beautiful cover of a red rose dripping blood on a black background. The song has a soothing rhythm and then surprises you with the lyrics.
As I listened to the song about a love gone wrong, I was surprised by how much I connected with it. I guess it is one of those connections from another time and place you know without all the overwhelming emotions. Go check it out!
“You know that every word you say is crazy. I can see it in your eyes through your thin veil disguise. You think you’re better than me but has there ever been a time when you’ve ever compromised.
So I’m leaving this town. So I’ll see you around.” -Found Me by Sheppard



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