Friendship February Day 21: Amy Poehler’s #ScienceWoman

I was scrolling through Tumblr, as I usually do, when I came across the campaign #ScienceWoman. Amy Poehler’s website,, teamed up with PBS Digital Studios to start promoting the need for women to pursue careers in the field of Science, Technology, and Mathematics. As soon as I watched the video, I knew I wanted to be involved in helping to promote it. I am an advocate for women and education. There is nothing that we cannot do if we stick together. Totally cliche, but I believe it nonetheless. Even though I am huge fan of Amy and (her partner in crime) Tina Fey, the reason I want to be involved is because I personally love technology from the software to programming it intrigues me. However, in undergrad I did not have the confidence to study it. I went with another love of mine English. A decision I do not regret at all.

It took years of self-discovery (meaning ups and downs) for me to figure out that I can do it. I can get a degree in Technology. Flying with an open heart and an eager mind to learn, if I fail at least I know that I tried. My hope is that it does not take a young girl or young woman as long as it took me to dive in. I hope that they have the courage to go in full force, fear and all. If you wish to help go to:

This video is for you all!

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