Friendship February Day 17: Making Big Plans

Over time we get stuck into a routine. Along the way we forget those childhood dreams we would talk about incessantly, due to the pessimism of others. I think that being in your mid- twenties is the time to go for those dreams and take those leaps.
Lately, I have been feeling like I am crawling out of my skin. The dreams I had/have are dying to spring out. All of this came from reading Tanya Burr’s book Love, Tanya. In the book she has a list of 10 things that have shaped her into the person she is. Let’s face it, she’s a successful Youtuber, business woman, and now author. At the top of her list is ” Having big plans.” That one statement resonated with me.
Long ago, I forgot my big plans for more sensible ones because that is what made sense financially. Now, I am taking leaps because I want to make my big plans happen. No more talking, it is time to start moving forward with life. Even through the fear I know that it will help me grow as an individual. This blog has allowed me to really go forward towards fulfilling a step in my big plan. Nevertheless, it is a step. I refuse to stop now. I hope that you never stop or lose sight of your big plans.



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