Lifestyles of the Tryin’ to be Healthy and Thrifty!

As January comes to a speedy end, I have made it a goal for the month to start really changing my routines. Now, I will admit that I have in the past made resolutions that I have not kept. So, in order to not feel overwhelmed I have decided to make small daily, weekly, or monthly goals to help me become a healthier, both body and mind, better version of myself. Here are a few items that have helped me to achieve this goal for January that I will continue for years to come.

1. Taking a Probiotic-Hyperbiotics PRO-15! 

I know this is the healthy portion that we all commit to and really either hate or think it is a waste of time. However, for the past year my nutritionist has been encouraging me to take a Probiotic for its many benefits for the immune system  and overall intestinal problems. Did I just say that in a beauty blog?! Yes I did. Remember if you are feeling healthy and strong inside, your inner and outer beauty team up to make one hot superhuman that will conquer the world. Check out this brand if you are tired of being sick or catching whatever is going around at work.

XLaVtMuS4eHApY1Z3ozx_Advanced 1

2. Using an organic moisturizer as part of my skincare routine. Organic Argan Oil For Hair, Face, Skin, and Nails

I have found that by using this Argan Oil multi-purpose moisturizer it has helped really clean and refresh my skin. The first two weeks were a pain, especially on my face. The reason why is because it was detoxing my face of all the crap I have been placing on it and I was breaking out. However, by the third week my face cleared up and I could feel the smoothness set in. People began to compliment on how my skin was glowing. Even my very Hispanic family, who are cheek pinchers, would compliment on how soft my chubby cheeks are! Definitely worth buying and using! My goal  is to preserve my skin from toxins and this product has helped. It kicked the toxins butt off of my face leaving it nice and camera ready.



 Sorry for the lighting. This is the only clear shot of my skin without foundation or BB Cream. 

3. Drinking Tea! Earl Grey Dark Tea both Caffeinated and Decaffeinated.

Caffeinated: I have found that by drinking tea I feel more calm and awake in the mornings. Additionally, I do not feel the two p.m. crash that I normally get with coffee. Furthermore, it makes me feel extremely British drinking tea in the morning and evening. The tea game is strong! I even bought a tea kettle and mugs to entice me to continue this goal.

Decaffeinated: I have trouble sleeping (thanks to my genetics). Nevertheless, this is a natural remedy to help me relax after a long day. I sit and read or watch a television show and drink my tea. It really has made difference on my night routine.  Overall, I feel more calm and less anxious prior to going to bed. By far a goal I am proud to have started with the help of a friend.


To those shopping on a budget, I bought this at Circle Thrift Store the tea kettle was $5 and the mugs were $1 each.

I hope this helps to keep you healthy and strong mind, body, and soul.



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