The Versatile Blogger Award 2015

What is this blogging life?! I honestly love being able to be share my love for beauty, fashion, and overall captivating quotes that keep me moving forward everyday. I am humbled by being recognized for this award. The WordPress community and my wonderful readers/ friends on this journey are extremely supportive and positive. I could not ask for a better family of bloggers. Thank you, Laura Pickens for nominating me and brightening my day. Go to her site: and see what wonderful things she is up to.

The Rules


1. Link the person who nominated you

2. List seven facts about yourself

3. Nominate 15 other blogs

7 Facts About Me

1. My first language is Spanish.

2. My first CD was Britney Spears’ debut album.

3. My second album was Backstreet Boys Millennium.

4. I need to meet and marry Ed Sheeran  or Prince William ( I like the gingers).

5. My obsession with the  Brits is borderline creepy.

6. I unwind, after a long day at work, by sitting in front of my laptop and editing for my youtube channel or family memorabilia videos.

7. I can remember most of my dreams very vividly. I mean, I can remember tiny details and facial expressions. Random, I know, but true.

Here are my nominees:

1. (Christina Bee)

2. (Anna)

3. (Pure Art)


5.  (Cheranne)

6. (S.A.)

7. (Renée)


9. (♥ Charlotte)

10. (Alena Kirby)

11. (Alisha)


13. (Megan)



These blogs were chosen because I like what they represent. Some of the blogs are fashion, others are health, and   a few are artistic from poets to artist just everything that appeals to me. Go take a look at their sites.




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