A Beauty Must Have: Hair Edition (Sponsored but so worth it!)

Disclaimer: As my blogging friends, I value your trust so I will not recommend or endorse a product that I do not love or believe in 100%.

In my quest to maintain my long locks healthy due to all of the daily abuse because of the heat or chemicals I apply, ย I have been on the hunt for something to revitalize it. I love being able to try different hairstyles. Nevertheless, all of the chemicals and heat are harmful to my hair. I may not see the effects right away but I know they are happening. I take precautions like heat protectant spray, however, I want something more… something that would help from root to tip. I was fortunate to be sent this all natural product by InstaNatural to help strengthen my hair. I was skeptical at first. Let’s face it many products are over exaggerated in order to sell. Yet, this Argan Oil Hair Mask spoke for itself.


After using it for two weeks, my friends and family began noticing the difference in my hair. From the wonderful smell, due to the Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, to the amazing smooth texture my hair became commercial ready. In my mind at least. It made me smile because my hair is the one thing I take pride in. Seriously. I want to book a hair campaign and all! It is my dream! In the end, it made me happy that something so simple would provide such wonderful results. I have not used a blowdryer, flat iron, or my hair wand in two weeks. Somehow, my hair still has bounce and looks well maintained.



Here is my process for application: I simply apply the Argan oil cream for five minutes after I shampoo and condition my hair. Then, I rinse my hair and brush it with a tangle teezer or comb. Finally, I add a bit of the mask to my damp hair and leave it in to air dry. It has made my morning routines a lot easier. I brush and walk out the door. So, if you are looking for an all natural remedy to either maintain your healthy mane or resuscitate your hair try this product.ย http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MNK9R5Y

Yes, this was a shameless plug!




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