Day 30: Daily December Challenge (Blogmas)

Hello Beautiful People,

I am so happy to announce that I reached 300 followers/ friends. You are all amazing. I am so glad to be part of this community of bloggers that share ideas and are just extremely supportive. Hope this video shows you how thankful I am for your support. Here is the link to a video of my reaction:

Here are two looks for the big countdown to 2015. The only difference is in lip color. The look plays with a lilac and a grey/ silver eyeshadow from ULTA.  I began with a light grey on my eyelids. Next, I added a bit of silver with a hint of glitter toward the corner of the eyelids for dramatic effect. Then, I added a lilac color to the crease of my eyes and blended downwards. Lastly, I added a bit of highlighting eyeshadow on the brow and a bit of eyeliner on the eyelids. The look is topped off  with a volumizing mascara. This look focuses on the red plum lips.

20141230_165826_Fotor NYE3_Fotor

20141230_165823 As for the second look, I added a bit of glitter and clear long-lasting lip gloss from ULTA. New Year’s Eve is the time to shine like a star, so why not.


Photo on 12-30-14 at 4_Fotor NYE 1



P.S. May all of your resolutions come true!


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