Day 27: Daily December Challenge (Blogmas)

As 2014 comes to an end, I look back  at all of the different celebrities that have influenced my style. That thought led to who has had the most fashionable and most impactful year. Every single time, I would return to someone who embodies intelligence, grace, and extreme beauty, Emma Watson.
Ms. Watson, this year, proved that she is more than an actress she proved that her intelligence and influence can help to impact the world positively. She has reached the level of success that Hermione Granger would be proud of. As a fan of Watson, and a mega Harry Potter fan, it has been wonderful watching her use her celebrity to help others. The UN Goodwill Ambassador is promoting her HeForShe Campaign around the world about the inequalities women face. In my book she has had a fabulous year!
From starring in Noah, to graduating from Brown University she has proven that her future is limitless. In the midst of it all she had time to pose for the cover and edit “Wonderland Magazine.” Furthermore, she managed to look fashion forward at every event. When does she sleep? Emma, you are the IT Woman of 2014. Take a bow.












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