Day 22: Daily December Challenge (Blogmas)

As I sit here listening to a playlist I created specifically for this post, “Superwoman”, I think of the pressure singles have during the holidays. Some people hate being single during this time of year because Hallmark teaches us that the holidays are for lovers. Nevertheless, we can still have a great time being single. I, for one, feel like this Christmas will be one for the books.  As a result of this self- reflection, I compiled a list of tips to really enjoy the holiday single season.

1. Enjoy time by yourself and try something you have always wanted to do, but never have the time to do.

For example, making a no sew Tulle skirt. It takes hours, but it it gives you a sense of satisfaction knowing you created something of your own.


2. We must not forget it is the season of giving. Reach out and help a friend, a neighbor, or a stranger during this consumer driven time. Even something as simple as one hilarious, yet inappropriate, meme can help lift someone’s spirits.


3. Pamper yourself! Or follow the example given in the Parks and Recreation’s amazingly titled episode “Treat Yo’ Self.” Remind yourself that you can treat yo’ self every once in a while.


4. Spend it with the people you love. Nothing makes the holidays memorable than being surrounded by positive people who simply get you at your core. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

5.  Do not dwell on the fact that you are single, yet again. Enjoy the single years because many married people would trade places with you in a second. Make plans, break them. Take a trip somewhere new. Plan a road trip. Go skydiving. Binge watch a television show on Netflix just because you can. Lastly, spend hours on the internet looking at pictures of animals because they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You know you do it.



 6. Love and embrace you. Make one amazing playlist and listen to it whenever you have a moment of doubt. The holidays are for the singles of the world too. Here is a link to the playlist I created to write this post.




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